Velma by Ekidna Costumes
Photographer: Valentin Offner

Model Marilyn Yusuf [ web · facebook · deviantart ]Click here for more pics of Marilyn Yusuf on

Anyways I really need to sleep because I open tomorrow but I appreciate all the friends I have on here even if I don’t say it often or interact with you guys as much as I should because I’m bad at expressing things

The flop house is easily my favorite podcast ever

Anonymous said: fav flop house of 2014?

Easy Rider: The Ride Back or B*A*P*S

But they’re all so good, the original peaches kill it literally every episode

My ears are stuffed and ringing two distinct tones, one of which is beating as if it’s out of tune

Now THIS is music

only the same like 20 people interact with me all the time but somehow I keep gaining followers who just exist in the aether I guess, unable to interact with me but knowing that I produce quality content

at some point while I was at work I passed 800 followers that’s baffling

in the context of ‘i dont want to say ‘someone i know from the internet” or?

eh generally but also because i really only follow non-theme blogs (“personal” blogs) when I consider the person interesting enough to learn more about them and since I’ve been following almost all of the people I follow for close to a year or half a decade in some cases I do think of many of the people I follow as my friends even if I don’t know them irl or at least very strong acquaintances that I talk to more than I talk to almost any of my friends from high school

the concept of friend is very malleable but I generally think “would this person let me chill on their couch for a day or two in a time of need?” as my definition and I think many of the people I’ve met on this website fit that

the premise of the judeo-christian god is that your mortal, human self simply cannot fathom the concept of eternity, and that any qualms you have with experiencing it will go away because that’s the nature of the human soul

sounds fishy to me

why wouldn’t god just give me the ability to fathom it, if I’m going to be forced to experience it anyway

why can’t I opt out

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