not all music is for all people and that’s fine but björk seems like music that should be for me and it’s always a bit of a bummer when I try her albums over and over and go “yeah that was fine. time to not listen to that for another year”

I always feel like I should like björk more than I do

I mean she’s good but I’ve never like felt emotionally moved by her. it seems like everyone else who is cool has though so I guess every other cool person is making up for my tepid enjoyment


OK HERE’S MY WHOLE BUNTAIN SIMPSON COMIC from LAMEZINE (which you should buy because it’s good!!!)

peter I don’t know what post you’re talking about so I’m going to pretend it’s this. as if I needed another excuse to post this again

anyway I need to shower

I would love to just melt into a puddle of flesh listening to Avey Tare but alas I must retain this terrible human form until fate decides otherwise


Battle Against Giygas

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i don’t believe you it sounds really generic and I just saw the microsoft surface product placement it had and that’s pathetic

Oh when I look through the door of my lean-to,
I don’t know another lean room from my room.
Should I pull up the floor of my kitchen
so I can feel the dirt while I’m doing all my dishes?
To live in a house that is breathing
is a luxury when you understand its meaning.
But even in a box am I dreaming
of a galaxy of stars above our ceiling.

i read a plot synopsis of suburgatory and I still don’t understand what it’s even about so I guess I’ll never watch that

ok av club I think whoever writes your headlines needs a time out

ok av club I think whoever writes your headlines needs a time out